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Disaster Recovery as A Service (DRaas)

Have You Ever Imagine If You Lost All Your Business Data, How Much Money You Will Be Losing?

NSD’s DRaas able to ensure high security level provided to both the physical stability and to protect the business system from natural or human made disasters such as:

Hardware Failures
Natural Disaster
(Floods, Earthquake)
We All Save Data Online, What if We Lost Them?

We Backup & Recover Your Data Consistently & Promptly

Most organizations know that they need to secure and protect their business critical information and at the same moment to minimize downtime in the event of outages, failures, disasters and other disruptions of service.

The DR Service launched by NSD is intended to overcome these concerns through cloud computing technology instead of building a traditional disaster recovery center by the organization.

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Single-minded support & services to gain speed and availability for busines.

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More than 15 years in maintaining enterprise high availability system.

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Flexible & innovative in customization of solutions for hybrid environment.

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The Power of NSD’s DRaaS

Advancing Innovation

Highly Security

Enhance Compliance

Ensure Availability

Cost Effective

Seamless Experience

Why you need to practice Disaster Recovery

DR may be dying. The term DR, that is, not the actual process of disaster recovery, there is a move in the industry to replace the phrase with “IT resilience.”

Paul CrocettiTechTarget Contributor

No matter which perspective you subscribe to the need for the leader to have a process to prepare the organization for disaster is unquestionable.

Varun VuppalaResearcher

The time to prepare for a disaster is before it occurs.

Stephen MathesonVice President of Product at BridgeHead
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  1. Support SLA 9×5
  2. Local Recovery Only
  3. Unmetered Bandwidth
  4. Onsite Assistance
  5. Monthly Report
  6. For SMB

Term: 12 months

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$ Promo Price

  1. Support SLA 9×5
  2. Local and DR Recovery
  3. Unmetered Bandwidth
  4. Onsite Assistance
  5. Monthly Report
  6. For SME

Term: 12 months

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$ Promo Price

  1. Support SLA 24×7
  2. Local and DR Recovery
  3. Unmetered Bandwidth
  4. Onsite Assistance
  5. Monthly Report
  6. For Enterprise

Term: 12 months

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Frequently asked questions

What is Disaster Recovery as A Services (DRaaS)

Disaster recovery as a service(DRaaS) is a cloud computing service model that allows an organization to back up its data and IT infrastructure in a third party cloud computing environment and provide all the DR orchestration, all through a SaaS solution, to regain access and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disaster. The as-a-service model means that the organization itself doesn’t have to own all the resources or handle all the management for disaster recovery, instead relying on the service provider.

Why DRaaS is Important?

DRaaS is meant to provide business continuity no matter the issue, whether due to simple hardware failure or a natural disaster. This allows you to react and respond quickly and keep downtime to an absolute minimum. Hence the digitalising of business nowadays, its important to keep business data protected.

What Disaster We Protect From?

Ransomware, Virus, Hacking, Hardware Failures, Floods, Fire, Earthquake

How and where should backup files reside?

As your business embraces a multi-cloud strategy and location complexity grows, you need to make sure that Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is a part of your plan to ensure availability and uptime are thoroughly cover for all the critical system that the fuel your business eco system.

How frequently should your business execute backups?

Perhaps your business rapidly generates data that is critical to its operations, making a backup necessary every 30 minutes. Or perhaps backing up data is only be necessary once per day. The right answer boils down to how much data your business and application can afford to lose.

How often will you test your backup plan?

School kids practice fire drills every year. This teaches the kids what to do in an emergency, and it reduces panic because they are familiar with process. The same idea can be applied to your business. The recovery process can be stressful, so just having a plan is not enough. We need to practice it always.

NSD’s affordable and efficient backup & replication solution delivers holistic disaster recovery for ALL applications through the best and most trusted DRaaS solution.

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